Our Story

Behind the brand “LAMPERT CIGARS” is the Austrian lawyer Dr. Stefan Lampert.

The idea to create his own cigar brand was born in Thailand in 2016 during a vacation stay. Like many other vacationers, Stefan took advantage of the wide range of custom-made suits and wanted to transfer this idea of the custom suit to a cigar. After all, every customer has his or her specific demands and preferences, just as it is with a premium made-to-measure suit.

This is how the first cigar line “MY CIGAR LAB” was created. This brand was intended to give customers the opportunity to create their own premium handmade cigars, as if in a “laboratory”.

After the MY CIGAR LAB line was very well received in the cigar world, the idea for a perfect cigar reminiscent of vacation and relaxation was born. Stefan tried a variety of tobacco blends, but only one particularly stuck in his mind. The one with the salty taste.

The blend of this cigar is reminiscent of the sea, because a slightly salty note is perceptible. The cigar “OCEAN BREEZE” was born. The cigar comes in a sleek, eco-friendly package consisting of five cigars per pack. Perfect for taking a vacation feeling with you wherever you go.

To add even more variety to the portfolio, Stefan looked for another cigar producer in Central America. Nicaragua was chosen because of its history of tobacco, the quality and its great rollers.

By chance, Stefan then came across Indiana Ortez, the youngest of the Ortez family, daughter of tobacco industry heavyweight Omar Ortez.

The two exchanged ideas and thought about a possible collaboration. Ideas about tobacco blends, flavor profiles and shapes were exchanged.

The joint collaboration began and the cigar line “LAMPERT 1675 Edición Azul” was launched.

Our Cigar lines

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