Edición AZUL

LAMPERT 1675 Edición AZUL is an extraordinary achievement by Fábrica

The cigar is offering rich, nuanced flavors that constantly involve
throughout the smoking experience. It is a medium strength cigar but rich in flavor.

The spirit of Nicaragua with Peruvian twist

This cigar blends the slightly citrus taste of a high Peruvian priming (ligero) together with fillers grown, fermented and aged by the ORTEZ family in the Jalapa and Condega valleys. This combination strikes the perfect balance between smooth, sweet and sour flavors that continuously evolve duing the smoking experience.
The exquisite LAMPERT 1675 Edición AZUL should be smoked slowly to  allow each of the tobaccos to reveal all of their unique flavors and qualities. 

Cigars will he available in three different shapes in Wees of twenty.