The salty tasting of the Ocean Breeze Limitada is a treat of the absolute, says the owner of the blog zigarren.zone Vasilij Ratej. This is a cigar that comes completely without any frillsdaherk. It is honest and offers the cigar smoker a fantastic pleasure so hardly known. It tastes slightly salty from start to finish, because the tobacco is stored near the sea. The salty air blows already when drying the tobacco over the land. This slightly salty taste was very perceptible on my lips and the tip of my tongue.

The balance of this cigar is exceptional. The name Ocean Breeze is perfectly chosen.

The Ocean Breeze Limitada comes without frills, therefore. In the bundle of 5, the cigar, therefore, remains inexpensive.

From the house of Lampert LLC this creation is made in a small cigar factory in Costa Rica. The quality of the tobacco, as well as the rolling, is excellent. The cigars are packed in a paper bundle.