Cigar Leather Case


Allow us to introduce the Lampert Cigars Leather Cigar Case, the epitome of sophistication for cigar aficionados on the go. It’s meticulously crafted using top-tier leather, featuring impeccable stitching and exquisite craftsmanship, resulting in a refined appearance. Inside, a plush lining offers protection to cigars stored in individual compartments, guarding them against fluctuations in humidity. The case boasts a built-in humidification system to ensure cigars remain fresh, and the addition of precious metal-plated hardware contributes to its overall elegance. Customization options are available, and its design emphasizes portability. It’s available in Rojo and Azul to complement our cigar lines, and an Azul version with a wooden box is also available. This product represents the perfect fusion of luxury and practicality, promising an impeccable cigar experience.


CHF 350.00


Material: Premium genuine leather
Made in Nicaragua

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Azul, Rojo


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